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Drinks Galore

Not sure what you should order from our drink menu? Trust us when we tell you that there is no way you’ll be leaving Scoreboard Bar & Grill without finding out. One of our goals is to expand your beverage horizons with our wide selection of beer, wine, cocktails, and spirits. Come down and we’ll be glad to pour you a drink.


Espresso Martini


Vodka Tonic


Beer Tap List

A Huge Selection

We’ve turned alcohol into an art form with our popular Espresso Martini. Ingredients of exceptional quality are masterfully poured by our expert mixologists to create a drink with unique and well-balanced flavors. Pair our Espresso  Martini with something to eat from our wide selection of food and you’ll feel truly content.

Scoreboard Martini Selection

A Mature Blend

Pull up a bar stool and enjoy a glass of our famous Vodka Tonic. Scoreboard Bar & Grill offers a whole new approach to the Vodka Tonic, with our bartenders providing their own unique twists to the classic. With refreshing, mouth-watering flavor accompanying every sip, you’ll be left wanting more.

Specialty Drinks & Shots

12 Rotating Taps

The creative and dynamic bartenders at Scoreboard Bar & Grill have outdone themselves once again with their latest take on our popular IPA's, DIPA's or Pale Ale. Each and every sip will have your mouth singing with delight. Come experience it for yourself. There’s a full-flavored draft beer with your name on it waiting for you at Scoreboard Bar & Grill.

Tap List
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